Tuesday, October 31, 2006

This is Halloween, this is Halloween...

Halloween! Halloween! Halloween! I LOVE Halloween! The party this past Friday was great, even though I didn't sleep right for a couple of days, it was all worth it because everyone loved the decorations and the food (I need to upload those party pics later). Luis and I got to meet Amanda (Amanda's childhood friend, who's also named Amanda and will be working with the tutoring gang) and her cute family, her little girl is as cute as a button! As much as I love Halloween and try to make it a fun time while living here, Hubby and I still talk about Halloween in New York, the parade, the crazy costumes and everything. I sometimes wish I was back home, especially when there is something exciting going on there and this night is one of them. Amanda, I found this video and you need to check it out to see what we're missing! I like the doggie with the bloody arm and Hitler.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Soo cute!

After getting over my little bummed out mood from not winning one of the super cute Elsie skeletons, I felt a little inspired and simply had that crave to create something and came up with these Elsie inspired skull pins. I'll be giving them away at the Halloween party and my MIL is helping me make some mula out of these cuties by selling them to her students.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

The collection's complete...

for now that is. After going back and forth from Target, they finally get the shipment today! So hubby got me a copy to keep me busy for some time, while he plays his game. I guess that's how we tend to spend time together sometimes, especially if we both have games we desperately want to get addicted to. Now, I was introduced to the world of The Sims about a year ago or so and haven't turned back since. I am crazy about this game, it's just fawesome! It's like that character from The Chappelle show, Tyrone Biggums and his "I want some crack" line, well, for me it's "I want some Sims". It's bittersweet whenever I get a new expansion pack because I know that inside that damn box is going to be a piece of paper announcing the NEW expansion pack coming within a couple of months or so! It will never end. Freakin a! But for now I'm off to make my pooch.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Happy happy, Joy joy...

I am so flipping happy that Jeffrey won! I loved him from day one. I swear, I didn't know how the heck I would have reacted if he had left the show! I mean I just get so into the show, and I have so much admiration towards all the contestants, but Jeffrey, he just got me right away. Junnie, I want this shirt! Pleeaasseee!!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Dee Dee Dee...

Gosh, as much as I hate that, this dude had us all laughing from beginning to end this past weekend. I don't think I've seen Luis laugh as hard in a looong time. We all had an amazing time, and ended the night with great grub from the Hamburger Inn (Mmmmm). Good times.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Left my man at home...

but I sure as heck was not alone! Amanda, a couple of her buddies and I went out to have the ultimate girls night out this weekend with the super sexy Chippendales. We all had an amazing time. Good thing we had an expert in the group, Vero knew exactly where to sit and everything! Both Amanda and I fell in love, deep and hard, with this sexy dude, Paul Gunn. Sigh. Good times.