Tuesday, October 31, 2006

This is Halloween, this is Halloween...

Halloween! Halloween! Halloween! I LOVE Halloween! The party this past Friday was great, even though I didn't sleep right for a couple of days, it was all worth it because everyone loved the decorations and the food (I need to upload those party pics later). Luis and I got to meet Amanda (Amanda's childhood friend, who's also named Amanda and will be working with the tutoring gang) and her cute family, her little girl is as cute as a button! As much as I love Halloween and try to make it a fun time while living here, Hubby and I still talk about Halloween in New York, the parade, the crazy costumes and everything. I sometimes wish I was back home, especially when there is something exciting going on there and this night is one of them. Amanda, I found this video and you need to check it out to see what we're missing! I like the doggie with the bloody arm and Hitler.


Anonymous Amanda said...

That's awesome! But ofcourse my favorite costume was the Michael Jackson (dance crew and all)! One day I'll be there to see it. Can you imagine if I would have been that warrior princess who wore hardly anything?! Frank would've tripped!!!

11:31 AM  

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