Thursday, October 19, 2006

The collection's complete...

for now that is. After going back and forth from Target, they finally get the shipment today! So hubby got me a copy to keep me busy for some time, while he plays his game. I guess that's how we tend to spend time together sometimes, especially if we both have games we desperately want to get addicted to. Now, I was introduced to the world of The Sims about a year ago or so and haven't turned back since. I am crazy about this game, it's just fawesome! It's like that character from The Chappelle show, Tyrone Biggums and his "I want some crack" line, well, for me it's "I want some Sims". It's bittersweet whenever I get a new expansion pack because I know that inside that damn box is going to be a piece of paper announcing the NEW expansion pack coming within a couple of months or so! It will never end. Freakin a! But for now I'm off to make my pooch.


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