Tuesday, June 06, 2006

There's no place like home

I can't describe how happy I've been since I've gotten here. It's getting close to two weeks now and I still haven't been around the city just for fun. I've just been spending so much time with my family. We all cried like babies the night Luis and I arrived. I had told my mom a while back to keep it a secret, although she had to tell my aunt since she'd be the one doing the cooking, those meatballs were delicious! Anyway, my cousins and sisters didn't know anything about my arrival, but later told me that they had been suspicious, since my aunt was cooking my favorite meal and my mom had bought me my favorite treats. It's awesome to be home, to be able to say goodnight to my mom and sisters, to be able to hug and kiss them. Sigh. There really is no place like home.