Monday, May 15, 2006

Mmmm, smell that dirt!

I didn't really know what to expect when I first arrived to El Paso. I mean I didn't know anybody, I had to have someone drive me everywhere, and I didn't have my family. I just felt alone. That is, until I started making friends. Now, it did take me a year to meet new people, but all that time I spent alone was so worth it. For the friends that I've made here are just incredible people. I'm going to miss you guys so much while Luis and I are away. The cool thing is that I'll have lots of stories to share with my family. Stories that I hold so close to me, that just set you guys apart from the people I've met in my life. Like how much you all like it when it rains, and that "great" smell that comes along with it. You all know that I'm not very fond of how it smells when it rains here. But, lately I've been hoping so bad that it rains before I go, that I was just so excited when it started to rain yesterday. Now, maybe it'll rain again tonight, I can't smell it yet so we'll see. Amanda, I know the smell of rain over there will probably won't be the same, so I hope you too are enjoying the rain and your last few days here. I'm already missing you! :(


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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10:38 AM  
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Anonymous Amanda said...

Hey Gwen,
As much as I love the smell of a good ol' EP rain, the rain over here in Cleveland is a whole lot different. It's like you can smell all the wet green grass and trees and it's great. Though, I sure can't wait to smell NYC rain...

9:43 PM  

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